First Step

Consultation session on the desired renovation We start off our project relationship with you with a detailed meeting where we jump into you project to establish an understanding of your needs and goals. Our extensive experience allows us to discuss a wide range of information, on our way to providing you realistic recommendations and costs estimates to meet your objectives. When appropriate, we can let you know how potential changes in scope or materials might affect your costs. Our goal is to avoid change orders with proper planning and proper expectation management upfront.

Second Step

Examining the property and characterizing the renovation according to the customer's will Based on all information collected from our discussions and site visits we develop a scaled drawing of the proposed floor plans and exterior elevations, providing you with the ability to see your project come alive and positioning you to provide valuable feedback.

Third Step

View the work plan At this stage we will prepare complete records that include all the required project details and complete all the tasks required to obtain the permits and work permits. We work only with all the necessary approvals to complete the project. This process is critical to avoid delays or unexpected complications with local authorities. We are familiar with all municipal regulations after years of working together.

Fourth Step

Choosing flooring, ceramics, raw materials and more, and then getting started on the property While waiting for the approvals, we will choose the raw materials that will be used in the work process. This is part of the work plan in which all our decisions become reality and our hard and collective work becomes tangible. Our focus is on quality throughout the renovation process. We bring our extensive experience and carefully examine each stage before the next stage.

Fifth Step

Finish the renovation and enter your new home with a quiet head! Post Construction- we hope that you are enjoying the quality of your new home. Rest assured- when you need us most, we are an email or phone call away! Your inquiry will never go unanswered.