Renovating and kitchens Renewal in different styles is our specialty! The kitchen is the heart of the house and the center of things in it - let us build your dream kitchen!
Kitchen design has changed its face in the last twenty years from tremendously. In the past, it was widely accepted that cooking was done in a separate, isolated and completely functional room. Today, our kitchen and cooking spaces are part of our everyday life, Hospitality and accommodation.

What influences does the kitchen have on the shared space?

The first effect: designed kitchen gives the tone.
Designed kitchens occupy a large part of the space, its shades, whether they maintain a palette of natural colors, delicate textures or whether offered in dark and dominant shades will define the space, and as a result, will affect the general atmosphere in it. In order to maintain a harmonious appearance, even when the palette is particularly dominant, it is necessary to combine the kitchen shades with the various accessories, including the shade of the furniture, the textile accessories, such as the pillows, curtains and carpets.

The second effect: the division of space In modern spaces
we see more and more that work surfaces are used for different purposes. The role of the kitchen is to divide space, to create a buffer between cooking zones and food processing areas, by means of an island, which is often used as an additional conversion surface in the home, if not the main one. Another way to separate spaces and create natural boundaries, saving space and leaving the space open is by putting furniture with the back to the kitchen like a console table or the back of a sofa. As well as placing the dining area between the dining area and the cooking area.

The third effect: infrastructure adjustment
In general, a designed kitchen will be located next to an appropriate sanitation infrastructure. This infrastructure includes connecting points for water and sewage. Therefore, in many cases, it is very difficult to move a kitchen from one place to another in space, such a transition during renovations including the need to know the master plan of the apartment, and moving existing lines. And therefore in most cases, the kitchen remains in its permanent place, and around it additional elements are available to the tenants. The concept of kitchen as a central and leading space, will help the tenants of the house to create a more comfortable and functional living environment.