House renovation and expansion

Do you feel your home is too small for you? Renovating your home or expanding it breathes new life into your home. The most immediate and obvious quality of all is, of course, increasing the area of the house and creating a new space for comfortable function in the building.
The need to expand the built-up space is due to various reasons, such as increasing the family, transition
work from home, the need for more personal space, and lifestyle changes due to many different reasons. but increasing the area itself has no emotional significance but mainly an economic advantage.

Included in home renovation or expansion services:
  • Examining the needs, demands, wishes and requests of the family
  • Adapting the existing home to changes or needs of the family
  • Reference to the existing structure and its limitations
  • Redesigning the interior of the house with the full participation of the family

Determining the necessary investment for the project
  • Outlining construction goals to address the family's needs
  • Defining potential options
  • Budgeting the project to meet the family's finances
  • Meeting the budget provides economic security and peace of mind

Publishing work plans for contractors' tenders and actual implementation of the project
  • Preparation of detailed work plans according to which the renovation will be carried out
  • Guiding and directing the family throughout the entire renovation process

Supervision of the construction process
  • Comprehensive supervision throughout the entire construction process
  • Monitoring and auditing of the construction stages
  • Accompanying the family during the renovation with the contractor, and until the completion of the project